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Boise, Idaho

Welcome to Smile Now Boise Dentures and Implants in Boise, ID. We’re a local, veteran owned and operated denture and implant center helping patients regain their quality of life through affordable, life-changing dental implant treatments. Discover the leading provider for dental implants in Western Idaho.

Welcome to
Smile Now Boise Dentures & Implants

At Smile Now Boise Dentures & Implants, our mission is to provide compassionate, high-quality dental care that can transform lives, all at affordable prices. Led by Dr. Stott, we believe that every patient seeking restorative dental solutions deserves a safe and non-judgmental environment. We listen attentively, understand your unique needs, and treat you with utmost respect and sensitivity.

All-On-4 Starting at $14,950 Per Arch!

Dr. Stott will personally discuss your situation and offer treatment options that can help you smile confidently. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results and ensuring your comfort throughout the process.

Restore Your Confidence With Dental Implants

Do you find yourself hiding your smile, unable to enjoy the foods you love, or suffering from complications related to your oral health?

Smile Now Boise Dentures & Implants can provide you with the perfect solution to regain your confidence and freedom while improving both your oral and overall health. Dental implants are the best way to replace failing or missing teeth and can provide many benefits like improved aesthetics, speech, eating, comfort, and self-confidence.

Not only do dental implants provide you with the perfectly-aligned, radiant smile of your dreams — but they are also stronger and more durable than natural teeth. Dental implants are a proven, long-lasting solution that provide support for adjacent teeth, help decrease bone loss, prevent further tooth decay, and mitigate gum disease.

We think our patients would agree that Smile Now Boise Dentures & Implants is the best dental implant provider in Boise. Call us today or book your FREE CONSULTATION online and get back to enjoying life with a beautiful, healthy smile!

Why Smile Now Boise Dentures & Implants?

Our team is able to deliver the highest quality and most affordable dental implants in Boise

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You Pay Less With Us. See For Yourself.

We do everything in house and use cutting-edge technology to lower cost, improve patient experience, and deliver superior results.

Comparing the cost of dental implants in Boise, ID
Comparing the cost of dental implants in Boise, ID

Life-Changing Results

Real Patients Real Results

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Dental Implant Case Studies

Watch and listen to Dr. Stott discuss a few of his patients' life-changing smile transformations

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Caleb Stott, DMD

Dr. Stott’s passion for dentistry started as a teenager while visiting his family dentist in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  He went on to complete degrees in Business and Archaeology at Brigham Young University before beginning dental school at Midwestern University in Phoenix, Arizona.  During Dental School…read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Affordable Dental Implants Boise, ID

Where can I get high quality dental implants near me?

You’ve come to the right place! As you can tell from our name, we focus exclusively on dental implants and dentures, making us the go-to dental implant provider in Boise, ID. We use the highest quality materials combined with cutting edge technology to deliver beautiful smile restorations time after time.

Well we might be a little biased, but we think our patients would agree that Dr. Stott has set a new standard when it comes to implant dentistry. Dr. Stott’s attention to detail and love for what he does is felt by all of his patients and displayed confidently in their smiles.

We also understand that cost is a significant factor in your decision, which is why we have set out to be the most affordable dental implant office in Boise. Simply put, you’ll pay less with us…see for yourself!

We’re confident that our practice has the best dental implants near you! Most dental implant practices outsource their lab work, leading to inaccuracies, stretched timelines, and higher costs for you. At Smile Now Boise Dentures & Implants we do everything in-house, meaning your procedure will be less expensive, take less time, and have the best looking result!

At Smile Now Boise Dentures & Implants, we do everything in our power to provide premium service quality and results at the lowest possible cost. We are privately owned and complete your entire procedure in-house, which helps make us the most affordable dental implant practice in the area. While we ensure low costs for you, we never sacrifice quality, making us the go-to dental implant provider in Boise. Check out our dental implant price list and see how we compare to our competition!

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